Words & Music by Larry Cohen

The Diary of Mr. Gray, conceived as a rock play set in the 1920's, revolves around a
psychiatrist who is reading the diary of Mr. Gray, presumably his patient. Mr. Gray had
gone mad as a result of drug use. Through the diary, we see the world through the eyes
of a madman. The album covered 50 years of the recording industry, including a 78 rpm, a stereo recording, and a quadraphonic recording. The album is now a cult classic.

Yank Barry, the vocalist, produced the first quadraphonic album at Regent Sound Studios in New York. He went on to become one of the world's leading philanthropists, along with his
friend and partner Muhammad Aliand has been the recipient of countless Humanitarian Awards.

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Introduction to Mr. Gray by
Yank Barry & Ben Lanzarone

Arranged and conducted
   by Ben Lanzarone

David Spinozza: guitar
Vinnie Bell: guitar
Sam Brown: guitar
Tony Levin: bass
Don McDonald: drums
Phil Bodner: tenor saxophone & solos
Burt Collins: fluegelhorn solos and trumpet 
Lloyd Michaels: trumpet and flugelhorn
Gene Orloff: string section
Linda November Singers